Mandevilla F.A.Q

Why do my Mandevilla/Dipladenia’s plants stop flowering?
There are two reasons why Mandevilla/Dipladenia’s plants stop flowering: Firstly they are day length sensitive which means that around the time of the equinox the switch occurs for turning them on and off the flowering mode, so in mid/late September the autumn equinox, buds will stop being initiated and as it takes 6-8 weeks from initiation to flowering the likelihood the plant can flower well into late October and November in the right conditions, remaining buds may abort and drop off due to the low light levels and if the plant gets cold.  Mandevillas will then re initiate flower buds around late March and will come back to flower in May.

The other reason the plant can stop flowering is lack of light (light intensity). An ideal situation for the plant is outside on a patio in the summer (late May until late Sept) then keep it in the Conservatory for the rest of the year or it can stay in the conservatory all year round.

Now if your conservatory does not have a clear roof made from glass or polycarbonate but it is made from tiles then there is every chance it will not let sufficient light into the room for the plant to continue flowering, to overcome this put the plant at the front of the conservatory nearest the windows and it will get good light there and hopefully initiate flower buds.

The plant will continue to throw out long shoots most of the year round, these can be removed during the winter but the plant will produce new flowers from these shoots, so be careful not to remove the flower buds without realising, the buds can be seen if you look closely in the shoots as they mature.

If you heat your conservatory it is possible that a mature plant can flower 10 months a year given the right conditions.

Success !!!

How often should I water and feed the plant?
Feed weekly with tomato feed and allow the plant to dry out between watering, do not over water, they do not wilt form our experience due to drought.
Do I need to re pot Sundaville into a bigger pot?
YES, if you are buying online from MandyPlants you will need to pot up into a 2 litre pot, then annually increase the pot size by 2 inches
It keeps producing long shoots
These shoots provide your future flowers and foliage, to control the height of the plant please pinch above a flower bud, which are produced at a leaf joint.
Do I need to grow it up a support system?
Yes , if you want it to grow high then any type of trellis will do from a local garden centre.
Is Sundaville a hardy plant?
It is hardy down to only about -1/2°C, it is best to bring it indoors for the winter months and place in a conservatory, in a window or heated greenhouse.
How long will it flower for?
If kept inside and given enough light it will flower until Xmas, a temperature of 50F is best otherwise it will stop flowering and re-flower in May/June of the next year. Flower buds will appear on some varieties at every 3 pairs of leaves.
Why do yellow leaves keep appearing?
Don’t worry just remove them carefully by pressing down on the leaf near its stalk, this is a natural process and you may see a lot of this in the autumn as the plant prepares for winter so it does not carry to much foliage to feed for.
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